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Eco paints (Pvt) Ltd is established in 2008, 213/5, Richmond Hill Road, Galle, Sri Lanka. Our main products are Epoxy food grade floor coating, wall coating, steel coating which are heavy metal free, volatile organic compounds free, Cynaide free, Antimicrobial coating. Epoxy antifouling paint for ships and boats industry. Epoxy marine paint for ships and boats industry.


Our Products

Non Toxic


In food processing chain food safety and hygienic condition is the key figure of any business to be more successful. At the quality standard of food (HACCP/ISO 22000/GMP) mainly determine the food safety and hygienic condition of any food processing chain.
We are producing non toxic food grade coating for food & pharmaceutical factories. It’s mainly,

  • Heavy metal free
  • Volatile organic compound free
  • Cyanide free

Heavy metal free
Heavy metal is harmful to human beings. They have 8 type of heavy metal in the nature such as Lead, Mercury, Arsenic, Antimony, Selenium, Chromium, Barium, Cadmium. Our products are free from all these elements.
Volatile Organic Compound
Volatile organic compound (VOC) are organic chemicals that have a high vapor pressure at ordinary room temperature. U.S. Environmental Protecting Agency (EPA) declared that indoor air quality 4 times polluted than the out door air quality because of VOC. Our products are free from this element.
Cyanide is highly poisonous. Our product free from these


Antifouling Paints

for Ships & Boats

Antifouling is a paint coatings used to protect a boats hull (or area under the water line) from organisms that can cause harm.

1. Hard Antifoul Epoxy Paints
Hard antifoul constantly releases biocides through the paints film. It apply below the water line. Vessel suitability : Suitable for higher speed vessels (30 knots plus) as well as vessels that have moorings that dry out
2. Epoxy Primer Paints
If you are starting from scratch with bare hull or you’re applying on top of an unknown antifoul, you will likely need to apply primer before using antifoul.
3. Epoxy Marrine Paints
Marine paints are formulated to withstand saltwater, UV radiation and extreme weather conditions. It apply above the water line.



Microorganisms like Bacteria, Fungi, Algae, Viruses can be harmful to humans. It is Mainly that bacteria causes odor, stain & disease. Antimicrobial textiles are the textile materials (fiber, yarns and fabrics) treated with antimicrobial agents. This antimicrobial agent kills microorganisms and at same time it’s a non-toxic & safe antimicrobial additive. Antimicrobial textiles market size was worth more than USD 14.5 billion in 2022 and is projected to increase 8% Annual growth rate from 2023 – 2032. Increasing public awareness regarding health and hygiene will complement the antimicrobial textiles industry dynamics. Rising demand for antimicrobial textiles for followings industry and expected to complement the industry expansion.

  • Medical textiles
  • Home textiles
  • Apparels
  • Sports and active wear
  • Automotive & transportation
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Outdoor and recreational gear
  • Food processing and packaging


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